Synergy Sponsored Speed Skating Champ Qualifies for World Cup

Finland native Tommy Pulli did exactly what he intended to do at the speed skating World Cup qualifications in Inzell, Germany, and more. He not only qualified for the World Cup in the 1500 m race, he broke his personal record and is officially the fastest speed skater in Finland in this event.

“Speed skating is all about control and precision,” Tommy said. “The slightest mistake can easily cost you the race … but when you succeed, when you can handle the speed and the g-forces in the corners, there is no better feeling. The difficulty of the sport makes me love it, and also makes me hate it sometimes.”

Tommy, a 24-year-old who has been speed skating professionally for five years, uses all of Synergy's products currently sold in Europe—ProArgi-9+, e9, Phytolife, Mistify, Body Prime, and SLMsmart Meal Replacement—and routinely uses each product to fuel his training and everyday life.

Tommy goes through his stash of Synergy product quickly because the nutrition regimen he has established demands it. He takes four packets of ProArgi-9+ per day (eight on race day), goes through a bottle of Mistify in three days, drinks SLMsmart Meal Replacement as a recovery drink after a grueling workout, and relies on e9 to give him the extra boost he needs during longer training sessions. Body Prime and Phytolife are also staples in his regimen, and he uses both to sustain his overall health.

“I think ProArgi-9+ is my favorite one!” Tommy said. “I have been using … all of the products and I really feel the difference. It has been great to have the opportunity to use these products. I'm thankful to be sponsored by Synergy.”

Continuing with his usual Synergy supplement routine, Tommy will prepare to compete in the International Skating Union World Cup on November 11-13 in Harbin, China and the following week in Nagano, Japan on November 18-20. Synergy WordWide will be cheering him on!


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