New Team Manager: Marianne Henriksen

Osteopath and business owner Marianne Henriksen is one of Europe’s newest Team Mangers and is a phenomenal example of living an Elite Health lifestyle.

When Marianne was introduced to Synergy, she said the opportunity seemed huge. She knew the product quality was great, and discovered just how great it really is when she toured the manufacturing facility and The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation shortly after it opened. She also loved the Compensation Plan and had total trust in the executive team.

“I can now safely say that I found my company,” Marianne said. “I will stay with my Synergy family.”

Marianne said the gap between Team Leader and Team Manager was bridged by consistency. When she hit Team Leader, it boosted Marianne’s confidence in her ability to be what the title suggests—a leader.

“I have more experience now, and I think it shows that I really love what I do,” she said.

She loves what she does for many reasons, but one of those reasons is the joy she finds in watching Team Members in her organization realize their dreams one step at a time. Her team is full of “warm-hearted people,” she said, and she looks forward to adding more like-minded people to her team.

With the recent addition of a premium skin care line Synergy’s product offering, Marianne is excited to see Trulūm open a new world of customers that will propel her business into even greater success.

“I have never doubted that the next new thing will be good,” Marianne said. “And in testing products myself, they always do what they say they will do … The message from the company is nothing but music to my ears.”

Feeling privileged to do what she loves and be her own boss, Marianne is grateful for the opportunity to work with tremendously talented and supportive people.

Marianne is truly an inspiration to those who meet her. She values constant personal growth and learning as well as being the best mother she can be to her 8-year-old daughter. Marianne’s passion for the outdoors, exercising, traveling, laughing, are a few of the many things that make her a pleasure to befriend and work with.

We look forward to seeing all of the success that come to Marianne in the coming years!


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