New Team Manager: Mary-Janne Nystøl

Nutritionist, mother of two, and former interior designer Mary-Janne Nystøl said her business has been steadily growing since she achieved the Team Leader title. To reach Team Manager, she worked closely with her colleague Marianne Henriksen—who also recently achieved the Team Manager title—to create a business plan around the Purify program.

She and Marianne encouraged their teams to set and reach goals using the Purify program and products with the goal of reaching Team Manager in mind. Mary-Janne’s leadership combined with her team’s diligence and work ethic made it possible.

"As a team, we work from the heart and are driven by being good people, good role models, and edifying eachother," Mary-Janne said. "Thats the way we will all succced."

Mary-Janne became a nutritionist in 2013 in her home country of Norway after developing food intolerances that prompted her to change her lifestyle. Mary-Janne pairs her Synergy business with her work as a nutritionist. She ultimately hopes to build her Synergy business to a point where she has more free time while also helping as many people as possible live healthier lives through her knowledge.

"I wanted to help others to be able to mak ethe same dietary changes that I did with all the benefits that implies," Mary-Janne said. "There are a lot of people out there that need help to make simple changes for a better lifestyle."

Making a trip to Utah in March of 2015 changed everything for Mary-Janne. She identified with the top Synergy leaders she met and was especially inspired by Double Presidential Dianne Leavitt. She was floored by the manufacturing facility and was able to see The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation just two weeks after its grand opening. As a nutritionist, Mary-Janne said it was vitally important that she confirmed the high quality and potency of Synergy products before marketing them to clients.

"I look forward to seeing my team suceed, and see those on my team reach their goals and dreams. I know it will happen not too far in the future. "


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