Last month, a phenomenal group of Team Members became Elite Honors qualified. The Elite Honors Club is being reinforced by strong, passionate individuals. We look forward to seeing the new heights attained by consistent achievers. Thanks to the dedication and passion they bring to Synergy Europe, the Elite Honors Club member will continue to reach new levels of success.

Congratulations to the following Elite Honors qualifiers:

Robert Suppan (Austria)
Kati Suppan (Austria)
Elfriede Tappauf (Austria)
Karl Tappauf (Austria)
Ana Vajda-Friess (Austria)
Ingried Sindler (Austria)
Anna Auernig (Austria)
Helmut Jelinek (Austria)
Roman Tanzler (Austria)
Sabine Fruth (Austria)
Marie-Therese Huber (Austria)
Rudolf Zinke (Austria)
Doris Zinke (Austria)
Josef Starman (Austria)
Andrea Saubach (Austria)
Sabrina Lindner (Austria)
Martina Weinmüller (Austria)
Eric & Kati Gammals (Finland)
Paivi Ja Kimmo Kangas (Finland)
Eija Ja Pekka Hänninen (Finland)
Kristiina & Kalevi Niskanen (Finland)
Anne Eskelinen (Finland)
Riitta H. Taskila (Finland)
Sabine Link (Germany)
Hanns-Ullrich Pleger (Germany)
Sk Powermarketing (Germany)
Vital Power Herrmann (Germany)
Hakan Soenmez (Germany)
Marlis Hoffmann (Germany)
Dagmar & Wolfgang Lampe (Germany)
Daniel & Barbara Krawcewicz (Germany)
Heinz Strasser (Germany)
Francesca & Hermann Pflueger (Germany)
Petra Rinkel (Germany)
Cornelia Haas (Germany)
Ramona Kaessner (Germany)
Andreas Erenholt (Germany)
Stephanie Döring (Germany)
Stefanie Mielsch (Germany)
Feminin Fitness Herne Ug (Germany)
Guenter Engelbertz (Germany)
William Grainger (Ireland)
Maria Corbet (Ireland)
Emeka & Prisca Okakpu (Ireland)
Timi & Jolanta Martins (Ireland)
Aisling Gillespie (Ireland)
Maurizio Biasci (Italy)
Diego Bragato (Italy)
Giacomo Rigoni (Italy)
Mara Bertoldo (Italy)
Devis Vigolo (Italy)
Patrizia Parpajola (Italy)
Flaviano Frugeri (Italy)
Michele Corrocher (Italy)
Claudio Frasson (Italy)
Erio Iemma (Italy)
Livio Belloni (Italy)
Damiano Bidese (Italy)
Simona Bossa (Italy)
Roberto Fortini (Italy)
Giancarlo Lingua (Italy)
Maria Scala Glorioso (Italy)
Alessandro Calli (Italy)
Giovanna Cordova (Italy)
Frisk Stil As (Norway)
Anita Losen (Norway)
Christer Sverre (Norway)
Ann-Elise Vang (Norway)
Grethe Raanes (Norway)
Una Birgitta Kaarstad (Norway)
Mattrade Mateusz Pas (Poland)
Jacek & Marta Cieślik (Poland)
Lyudmila Malakhova (Poland)
Bostjan Pilej (Slovenia)
Dragica Likar (Slovenia)
Rozana Presern (Slovenia)
Marjan Presern (Slovenia)
Uros Zajc (Slovenia)
Danijela Likar (Slovenia)
Martina Kodrun (Slovenia)
Lin Zadnjikar (Slovenia)
Zavod Pod Mavrico (Slovenia)
Nives Butinar (Slovenia)
Nina Drezga (Slovenia)
Zavod Sestavise (Slovenia)
Christel Levin (Sweden)
Henrik Schough (Sweden)
Kim & Simon Bradley (United Kingdom)
Steven J. Innes (United Kingdom)
Catherine Wilton (United Kingdom)
Julia Riewald (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Burgess (United Kingdom)
Marlene Williams (United Kingdom)
Sue Thomas (United Kingdom)
Sarah Andrews (United Kingdom)
Julie Dalton (United Kingdom)
Norma Corney (United Kingdom)
Ulrika Almqvist (United Kingdom)
Rachael Dobson (United Kingdom)
Helen Carpenter Waters (United Kingdom)
Anna Gill (United Kingdom)
Claire Muller (United Kingdom)
Suzanne Cannon (United Kingdom)
Anna Denning (United Kingdom)
Alphoncina Ngcobo (United Kingdom)
Grace Adeleye (United Kingdom)

Remember, through other promotions like Title Plus, Team Members can earn extra rewards by leveraging their Elite Honors qualifications combined with new rank advancements. For more information on qualifying for Elite Honors, and the other lucrative promotion programs running this year, click here.

Again, we congratulate the individuals listed above for achieving Elite Honors this last month. Your dedication to building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We are grateful for your hard work, your belief, and for the fantastic examples you are setting for anyone looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.


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