Welcome to the autumns first Nordic Webinar

We will pick up where we left before the summer and will continue with our regular Nordic Webinars. In these webinars we will present on topics that are current for you as a Team Member. From product information, practical information, promotions and other relevant trainings. There will be something for everyone, and no week will be the same. 

Our first webinar this season will dwell into the tools you as a Team Member with Synergy has access to, and how you can utilize them. How you can expect them to work, and how you can present them to others.

As always, we will present the webinar twice in the same week. In Norwegian on Wednesday and in English with Finnish translation on Thursday. 

What: Nordic webinar: The Synergy Toolbox
When: Wedensday 25th August at 8pm Norwegian time in Norwegian
                Thursday 26st August at 8pm Finnish time in English with Finnish Translation
Where: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9628408464 (For both webinars)

Welcome one, welcome all.


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