Welcome to our Mini Kick-Off

Saturday 14th of August we are starting the autumn season with Synergy. This is the day we put the summer to rest and move into an exciting autumn season. 

In the Nordic region we will have three separate Kick-off meetings this day. All with slightly different content, but with the same theme. We have tailored each separate meeting to each market. But the theme of all three will be: How to take your Synergy Business to a new level? We will provide a mix of solid information, clever tip, and concrete suggestions on what you can do to grow. In addition we will look at some of the things that will happen during the autumn season. 

Join us for our mini Kick-Off. Together we will promote your business to the next level. 

Finland: At 1pm – 3pm (local time). Registration: 

Norway, Sweden and Denmark: at 2.30 pm – 4.30pm (local time). Registration: 

Iceland: At 3pm – 4pm (local time). Registration: 


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