New Team Manager: Mirva Martikainen

Mirva Martikainen joined Synergy in 2011 after her sponsor Maija Kreivi introduced her to Synergy products. She fell in love with the products and, after seeing an improvement in her overall wellbeing, decided to become a Team Member and share the opportunity with others.

Since Mirva owns a nursing company where she sees the effects of poor health on her patients’ quality of life and feels a personal responsibility for the wellbeing of others. Synergy’s trusted products combined with its unique business opportunities provided a way for Mirva to grow her income while remaining true to her values.

“I was really drawn to the fact that Synergy offers the same business opportunities to newcomers as it does to longtime Team Members,” Mirva said. “Not many companies offer the same path to success to every Team Member regardless of their ranking.”

By taking advantage of these opportunities, Mirva has seen a huge boost in her personal income and loves the freedom she has to build her business at her own pace. Her personal success with the products has driven her passion as well as her business.

“I really suggest trying the products for yourself,” Mirva said. “Once you see the positive results for yourself, you’ll be able to share your personal testimony with others. They can see for themselves that the products really work and you truly believe in what you are sharing with them.”

Having such a diverse and supportive team has also contributed to her success, which is why she says it’s incredibly important for Team Members attend local events and connect with peers in their area. While she currently splits time between her nursing company and her Synergy business, she is looking forward to building her Synergy business fulltime within the next four years. She is thankful for her hardworking team and the loving support she receives from her husband and son.


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