Race for Rome Promo Ends August 31!

Team Members have been battling every week since January 2015 to hold their place in the Race for Rome Top 125, and it has been a hard-fought competition. As Summit 2015 approaches, there aren’t many weeks left to claim your place in the Top 125. Click here to learn more about the promotion.

Important end-of-promotion details:
  • The final Top 125 list will be finalized at 12 a.m. (MST) on September 1. 
  • This list will then be published HERE before 11:59 p.m. (MST) on September 1.
  • Backdating that occurs after August 31 will not be included in the final promotion points.
  • Race for Rome promotion winners will receive their cash earnings in the first commissions payout following Summit 2015. 
  • The amount a Team Member earns in the Race for Rome promotion is based on their rank in the Top 125. Click here for the earnings breakdown. 
  • You must attend Summit 2015 in Rome to receive your promotion earnings.
Finish strong to secure your spot at the top!


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