Each year, Team Members are nominated to receive Synergy’s highly regarded and sought after Legacy Awards. Three award categories were presented—the Will Martin Hope of Synergy Award, Dan Higginson Humanitarian Award, and Foundation of Excellence Award.


This award is presented to Team Members who have a unique and inspiring story involving Synergy products, business, or health.

Daniel Krawcewicz

Daniel has been with the Synergy since Day 1 in Europe and is a member of the Poland Founders Club. He is loyal to Synergy and his team despite the many ups and downs he has experienced over the years. He is a true Synergy advocate and will go to any lengths to make Synergy WorldWide a success.

Christer Sverre

Christer drives hard for success. He is attentive to his team’s needs and motivates them to achieve their highest goals. When asked what makes him successful, he will say “optimism” and caring for others. He is an incredible recruiter, winning Norway’s Recruiter of the Year award.

Nicola Barbieri

Step by step, with patience and persistence, Nicola has worked tirelessly to reach the Team Director title. He is admired and respected by all those he works with. He is proactive, ethical, and passionate.

Martina Kodrun

Martina is a certified personal trainer living an Elite Health inspired life. Her passion for health and can-do attitude make the vision for her Synergy business strong. She is persistent and hard-working in all of her endeavors.

Sarah Chambers
United Kingdom

Sarah has a truly inspiring ProArgi-9+ story that has literally changed her life and enabled her to do things that she thought she would never be able to do again. Her personal testimony of the power of Synergy products is one that has already helped others feel the benefits of the product and she is as dedicated as ever to helping many more individuals discover what ProArgi-9+ can do for them.


This award is presented to Team Members who have made outstanding contributions to Synergy WorldWide within the business.

Christine & Hansy Herrmann

Christine and Hansy claim Synergy WorldWide is the best thing that ever happened to them.
Synergy leaders claim that this couple is one of the hardest working teams they have ever seen. They never give up despite setbacks. When this couple committed to become full-time Synergy Team Members, they were able to hit the Team Director title and did not slow down after that.

Roman Tanzler

Roman’s enthusiasm and honesty have made him successful over the years. He is a recruiting machine! You can spot his name on most recognition lists. He recruited 18 Tracking Centers in April alone and always has about 10 Go Elite earners on his team. He truly shows others what is possible.

Miimu Jaatinen

Despite her many responsibilities outside of running a Synergy business, Miimu is a persistent worker whose positivity is contagious in her organization. When she discovered Synergy, she was going to school and expecting a child, unsure of what the future held. Now, she and her family are thriving as she continually builds her Synergy business and helps others find the success she has found.

Fernando Gatti

Though Fernando is newer to the Synergy team, he has been in network marketing for close to three decades. He has made a phenomenal impact in Italy and has been influential throughout Europe. He has graciously been teaching his business system to all European Team Members and many are finding success through his system. He has big aspirations for himself and his growing organization. We have no doubts that he will make all of it happen.


This award is presented to Team Members who have made outstanding philanthropic contributions within and outside of Synergy WorldWide.

Reidun Lydersen Dalheim

Reidun says she has been a competitor her entire life, whether in sports or in business. She has an adventurous spirit and when she says she will do something she sticks to her word. She does a tremendous job supporting all of the many people in her organization. She gives freely of her time and her wisdom to benefit the lives of others.


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