Reidun Dalheim Inducted into Million Dollar Club

One of the crowning moments of Summit 2017 was the recognition of a phenomenal woman that has been driving success in Synergy Europe for many years. Reidun Lydersen Dalheim, a Pearl Executive, is an admired leader who recently earned her millionth dollar with the company.

This achievement is a true reflection of how much passion Reidun has for Synergy WorldWide and its products. The work she has put in to reach this milestone is tremendous! It was an honor to congratulate her on stage in Barcelona.

Reidun has been a competitor her entire life. She loves sports—everything from skiing to car racing—and though she doesn’t brave the slopes or streets anymore, she still finds a way to let her competitive side shine. Synergy drives her to be competitive with herself and to push her limits.

It was her competitive spirit that led her to this moment: becoming a member of the Million Dollar Club.

“This means I have reached my goal,” Reidun said. “It shows I have been able to help thousands of people find a better life.”

Having specialized in complementary medicine for over 30 years, Reidun has been helping people seek Elite Health for most of her life.

After being introduced to Synergy WorldWide in 2009, Reidun began testing Synergy products and experienced tremendous results. From then on, she felt confident in recommending the same products to her clientele.
Reidun has had, and continues to have, many great experiences with Synergy. She spends a considerable amount of time teaching people about Synergy's products while organizing an extremely loyal team who are committed to helping people discover a more fruitful, higher quality life.

Luckily, road trips are one of Reidun’s favorite things, making it no problem for her to drive all over northern Norway to support distributors and share Synergy’s opportunities. Thanks to the economic freedom Reidun has worked to establish with her Synergy business, she said she has the freedom to take more holidays and have experiences that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Reidun's main goal is to help everyone obtain success. She is looking forward to an even more rewarding future, not only for herself, but also her team as they continue to build their businesses with Synergy WorldWide.

“My aspirations are to work as usual with Synergy, helping people achieve better health.”

Congratulations, once again, to Reidun!


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