Presenting Synergy's New Success Track

New opportunities await you at every level with Synergy’s newly enhanced Success Track. Whether you are on your way to achieving Team Leader or maintaining your highest Presidential Executive title, Success Track offers an experience worth qualifying for.

Success Track is now comprised of three exclusive incentive retreats: Leadership Retreat, Directors Retreat, and Legacy Retreat. Each retreat is designed to motivate, reward, and inspire you as you work to grow a flourishing and self-sustaining Synergy business.

Qualifying for each retreat marks a major milestone in your pursuit to Leave a Legacy of health and wealth.


Enjoy a European getaway with fellow Synergy leaders featuring a different stunning location each year. Group activities, tailored trainings, delicious meals, and more can be expected when you attend your first Success Track retreat.

Who qualifies? New Team Leaders & Team Managers
When will it take place? June or July of each year
Where will it take place? Exciting European destinations
Qualification period: March–February

CLICK HERE for complete qualification details.


Fly to Utah and experience Synergy WorldWide for yourself. Meet the corporate team, explore The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, tour the manufacturing facility, discover Synergy’s authenticity, Utah’s natural beauty, and the Las Vegas nightlife all in one trip!

Who can qualify? Team Directors and above
When will it take place? August
Where will it take place? Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada
Qualification period: June–May

The qualification period for Directors Retreat 2018 is October 2017 through May 2018.

CLICK HERE for complete qualification details.


The most prestigious of the Success Track retreats, Legacy Retreat, will take you on an all-expenses-
paid dream vacation to an exotic destination anywhere in the world. Experience a number of once-in-a-lifetime adventures, luxurious accommodations and dining, unforgettable excursions and more. Here, you will be treated like royalty.

With Leadership Retreat and Directors Retreat in place, Legacy Retreat qualifications have been adjusted to target our executive ranks only, starting with Pearl Executive.

Who can qualify? Pearl Executives and above
When will it take place? Determined by location
Where will it take place? The most sought-after destinations in the world
Qualification period: January–December

Presidential Executives have the opportunity to earn an exclusive VIP package!

CLICK HERE for complete qualification details.

Which retreat will you qualify for this year? Start setting goals to make sure your name is on the list. We look forward to treating you to a well-earned trip of a lifetime.

* Retreat dates listed above are approximate. Locations, itineraries and additional details will be specified as the date of each retreat draws near.


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