Kickoff Proves that Iceland is Ready for a Landmark 2015!

Nearly 60 Icelanders gathered together in Reykjavik to bring in the new year with Synergy WorldWide. They were joined by their General Manager Bengt Emanuelsson, Finnish Emerald Executive Eric Gammals, Presidential Executive Mads Oestvang, and Norwegian leaders Stein Magne and Ingrid Osmoen.

The excitement felt at this event encouraged 36 people to register for the event, nearly tripling the total registrations made for Summit 2014 in Barcelona. We are excited to have more Icelanders with us in Rome and hope to see many more register in the coming months.

General Manager Bengt Emanuelsson announced that the SLMsmart Activation Challenge will be extended through May 31. Team Members have another chance to participate in the challenge and earn the SLMsmart Activation Bonus, SLMsmart Challenge Bonus and qualify for the SLM 10 Club. The 2x2 Bonus was also extended.

The official Rome Summit 2015 Promotion was announced! Race for Rome will award the Top 125 point earners with cash prizes before attending Summit 2015. In addition, a monthly Top 10 will be rewarded for their point accumulations.

Thank you to everyone who attended this magnificent event. We are so looking forward to a prosperous 2015!


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