SLM 10 Club Spotlights

Celebrating Success with SLMsmart

In the first round of Synergy WorldWide’s SLM 10 Club promotion 24 individuals in Europe activated 10 or more people on SLMsmart Activation Packs. When SLMsmart and e9 were launched in September 2014, these individuals took the challenge to share the new products with family, friends and acquaintances, and max out their business potential. We are so proud of each of our Team Members who achieved this great goal and we are excited to see more join the SLM 10 Club in 2015. Click here to learn more about SLMsmart promotions.

Three of our qualifiers shared their SLM 10 Club stories with us, offering insight and inspiration that will help you sponsor more people on SLMsmart packs.

Michele Guardascione
Team Director, Italy 

Michele Guardascione is no stranger to success. He thrives in competition and loves a great challenge, which is why the SLM10 Club Promotion appealed to him. Not only was he able to help support others to make healthy changes in their lives, he was also able to offer the opportunity to better their financial wellbeing. Through the SLM 10 Club, he increased the number of Team Members in his downline. The effectiveness of the SLMsmart system inspired him to share his personal experiences with others.

“SLMsmart changed me both physically and mentally,” Michele said.

While he’s excited about the opportunities SLMsmart has given him, he’s most passionate about the changes he’s seen in his team and the overwhelmingly positive feedback he’s received. Michele believes he has all the tools he needs to reach his next big goal, rank advancing to Pearl Executive.

“You can only be successful if you enjoy what you do,” he said..

Evelyn Barckhahn
Team Leader, Germany

While Evelyn is a firm believer in the power and convenience of the SLMsmart system, not to mention an avid user, she found that the SLM 10 Club Promotion made it much easier to approach people about Synergy’s weight management line. She’s noticed a dramatic difference in her own life after using SLMsmart’s Meal Replacement.

Her approach is simple. She asks people if they were interested in weight optimization and bodyforming. She also hosted SLMsmart parties where invitees were able to try SLMsmart Meal Replacement in a variety of tasty and easily prepared recipes. When customers were concerned about costs, she let them calculate what it would cost to replace 1-2 meals each day with SLMsmart and allow them to see the amount they would save on their food budget.

The response from her attendees was overwhelmingly positive. They were impressed with the results and the way the SLMsmart system can be tailored to fit any lifestyle. Since the program is customizable, participants are able to design a system that fits their needs and will help them achieve their goals.

When she first started, Evelyn’s younger Team Members weren’t very interested in health. However, she has seen that change.

“The average age in my team is now much younger than before,” Evelyn said.

Her team’s high energy allowed her to dramatically change her business. Sales have increased and Evelyn is looking forward to reaching the next pin level in the coming months. She is eager to continue sharing Synergy’s unique business opportunity with as many people as possible.

Dieter Nagl

SLMsmart has been causing a stir since its launch in September 2014 and Team Member Dietr Nagl is capitalizing on its success to drive his own business. Since focusing his efforts on the SLMsmart system, he has seen his target audience shift to those concerned with weight management. He is sharing his personal success with a completely new demographic. Dietr said the SLM 10 Club Promotion made it easier to share SLMsmart with others.

The new customers and distributors that Dietr activated on SLMsmart love the great taste and how easy it is to incorporate into their busy lives.  He offers continuous support to his customers who are looking to achieve long-term weight loss goals, helping them stay on track. Overall, his Synergy experience has been amplified by the SLM 10 Club Promotion and he is confident in his business’s future success.


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