Updated Business Cards Now Available!

Redesigned, customizable business cards are ready for you to purchase! Six different designs are being offered based on your product focus and design preference.

Choose from these designs:

• Double-sided card with image of all Synergy products
• Double-sided card with image of SLMsmart
• Double-sided card with image of e9
• Double-sided card with image of the V3 System
• Double-sided card with Synergy logo
• One-sided card with Synergy logo

CLICK HERE to buy now!

You have the ability to personalize your business cards on the Synergytools.eu site.

First, click on the card you’d like to purchase. Then, simply enter your name, email, phone number(s), and the business website of your choosing, in the designated fields. You will also need to choose a singular or plural title that will be displayed under your name. You can find language options in the “Title” drop down menu. The information printed on your cards will appear exactly as you entered it.

These cards come in packs of 200 and will be shipped right to your door.

Be sure to look through the site for more Synergy tools, apparel and merchandise!


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