Elite Honors Spotlights

With the Elite Honours program in full swing, Team Members have been building stronger businesses through defined monthly goals.

In November, 349 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honours Qualified. That means at least 349 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honours Qualified have found that the Elite Honours earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honours thus far! Here are a few insights from our newest Elite Honours Qualifiers regarding their success with Elite Honours:

Christine & Hansy Herrmann, Germany

“When we learned about Elite Honors, we were immediately impressed with the system. The first day of every month is the beginning of a new challenge. Our goal is to qualify every month. It is important to obtain this status not only for ourselves, but for our business partners. More members of our team are earning Elite Honors pins every month, and now we will work with our customer base and new business partners to help more earn the pin. We believe a great incentive combined with Elite Honors is the Go Elite bonus. With it, you manage to earn good money in a short time. We get so excited to see the bonuses on our payroll. We want everyone to have success with this great tool and build a long-term and stable Synergy business.”

Daniel & Barbara Krawcewicz, Germany

“Elite Honors and the Go Elite promotion encourages us to show our team the proper way to work. We, as leaders, always go for the promotions Synergy offers, whether it’s an event promotion or business building promotion. We challenge ourselves and our team to earn more through these opportunities. We always want to be a good example to our team. It strengthens the team to work together toward a common goal. Elite Honors has accelerated our revenue growth and every partner benefits. If we set a good example, then we help our Team Members build their businesses. Do not forget to show your partners what works for you, because they will follow your example.”

Cristina Cabañero & Luis Quesada, Spain

"Elite Honors has given us great joy in our business. We have been rewarded since Elite Honors was introduced in Rome and we have qualified every month. We’ve also earned two Go Elite bonuses, which means a significant increase in commissions! Elite Honors provides a professional way to work toward gaining customers, which are a very important part of the business. We want these customers to discover Synergy products’ powerful health benefits and believe in the company. We’ve found that distributors are earning more with fewer Team Members by putting an extra focus on adding customers to their networks. WE want to thank Synergy for introducing Elite Honors and Go Elite and we want this program to become part of the long-term business model. Through it we can Leave a Legacy of health and wealth.”

Click here to find out what it takes to become Elite Honours Qualified.


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