GM MESSAGE: Get ready for 2016!

December is one of the best months of the year for so many reasons. Enjoying time with loved ones, the spirit of giving, and the opportunity to reflect on the past and consider the approaching New Year, are just a few of the reasons the holidays are valuable to me and countless others.

I have been reflecting, just as you have, on my experiences and triumphs in 2015. One of my highlights is the fact that I was given the wonderful opportunity to be the General Manager over Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. I’ve traveled all over meeting wonderful people. I’ve enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with many of you as well as the collaborations I’ve been a part of to help our markets grow.

Amid all of the progress you’ve made individually this year, there have been dozens of Europe-wide highlights that have made 2015 an unforgettable year. We had an amazing turnout from the Scandinavian teams at Summit 2016 in Rome. The messages that Synergy leaders shared caused a change in those who attended. The Elite Honors earnings model and Go Elite promotion were introduced to give new and current Team Members a financial roadmap to success. The Elite Honors Club has been growing every month, and now that we have had a few months to understand and experiment with the Elite Honors system, we are ready to go into 2016 as fearless business builders.

It is common knowledge that recruiting is the backbone of network marketing, but Elite Honors teaches that the best way to leverage the Compensation Plan is by also putting an emphasis on building a customer base. Because we are a company that values providing real health solutions through quality ingredients and testing, we have the power to give millions the gift of optimal health. By focusing on this cause, you will be driven to help others achieve better health, which will, in turn, create a profitable customer base. You may also want to keep in mind that loyal customers often become Synergy distributors.

2016 Kickoff events are weeks away, and I hope all of you are making an effort to attend! These meetings are so valuable and there is no better way to begin a new year with Synergy. Attending your country’s Kickoff event will be the fuel you need to take action toward your goals.

Here are the details:

January 22-23: Kickoff 2016 in Helsinki, Finland
January 29-30: Kickoff 2016 in Oslo, Norway (Event hosted for both Sweden and Norway Team Members)
February 6: Kickoff 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland
February 13: Kickoff 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark

In addition to Kickoffs, we have Elite Honors trainings, Fast Start trainings, Bronze Camps, Gold Camps, Team Leader Camps, and exclusive events, including Team Manager Academy, Summit 2016 in Vienna, an Legacy Retreat. Events help Team Members rediscover their belief in the company, their passion for service, and the dreams they have for themselves.

My main objective as general manager is to support your efforts and help you to be successful. I’m eager to see what is in store for us next year. I see a lot of fun in our futures and a movement of hard work to build Scandinavia in the next growth phase.

Benjamin Clarholm-Anton
Scandinavia General Manager


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