James Booth, an Irish champion boxer of 17 years and a 20-year martial artist, has been invested in nutrition for decades. He discovered Synergy in 2010 and quickly found that the company’s commitment to quality nutrition paralleled his lifelong beliefs.  In November 2015, his Synergy business M.N.B. Group, achieved Synergy’s Team Director pin level.

It’s clear that no matter what James commits to, whether it’s a business venture or a sport, he knows how to execute. When he began martial arts training, he decided he wanted to be a black belt. When he enrolled as a Synergy distributor, he decided to become an executive leader. As a current Team Director, he is well on his way to this goal.

“If an old guy like me can hit this level, young people should be able to fly by me,” James said. “It doesn’t matter how much education you have, where you live or what ethnicity you are. If you have the desire and the commitment, you can make a success of this business.”

Many of the lessons James learned as a boxer have stuck with him ever since, and they’ve shaped who he is. He said that as a boxer he learned the importance of building a foundation. Athletes who are new to boxing don’t jump in the ring during their first week of training, expecting to win. Rather, this would put them in a degree of danger. This concept also applies to running a Synergy business. It may take a little while to build a foundation for the business, but once it’s established, the possibilities of success are endless.

Though James doesn’t get in the ring anymore, his focus on nutrition hasn’t changed. He believes society is governed by age, when, in reality, age means nothing. Those who tell themselves they are old will act old,  feel old, and eventually stop progressing in life, but James, on the other hand, plans to live until he’s at least 100. He remembers his father telling him that once a person stops dreaming, they’re dead.

Recently, James traveled to Synergy Headquarters with his business partner Dr. Anthony Oketah to tour the new Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, which he said “knocked them dead.” Both he and Dr. Oketah believe that Synergy is the future of health, and their visit to the Hughes Center confirmed it.

“My life has changed completely in the five years I’ve been with Synergy,” James said. “I get paid for the effort I put into my work. Network marketing is a lot like mining. Initially, you put a lot of work into digging every day to find what you’re looking for, but eventually, if you stick with it, you will strike gold.”


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