WEBINAR: Feel good, look good & do good

Join us for a live webinar featuring a special announcement and exciting information. Hosted by Synergy for you, this is a webinar you do not want to miss!

From the company that formulated world-changing supplements like ProArgi-9+, Mistify, Biome DT and more…

…comes an all-new, innovative solution for increased wellness and Elite Health.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars, invite your teams, and get ready to FEEL good, LOOK good and DO good.


Date: 25.05.2021
Time: 18.00 (GMT - Reykjavik) / 20.00 (CEST) / 21.00 (EEST)
Focus: News and business approaches 

Date: 26.05.2021
Time: 17.00 (GMT - Reykjavik) / 19.00 (CEST) / 20.00 (EEST)
Focus: News and overall details 

Note: This webinar is being broadcast with no intent to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The content of this webinar will not be evaluated by the USFDA, nor by any governing body.


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