Welcome to webinars 19th May and 20th May

Dear Team Member. 
Have you ever wondered how you can utilize social media in your business? We are hoping to give you some answers in our webinar, an introduction to social media, that we are hosting Wednesday 19th May and Thursday 20th May. This is an introduction webinar and is designed for those who are curious towards social media. But it is also well suited for those who are using social media regularly. We will start with the basics and build on in other webinars. 

As per usual the webinar will be hosted twice. Once in Norwegian and once in English. It will be the same webinar, just presented in different languages, so you only must participate once. Please be aware that the timing of the webinar will be slightly off this week in order to balance the schedule.  

Wednesday 19th May at 8pm Norwegian time: https://zoom.us/j/91693617341 in Norwegian
Thursday 20th May at 5pm Finish time / 2pm Icelandic time: https://zoom.us/j/95512345546 in English. 
Registration is not required, and all Team Members are welcome. 

Welcome to our webinar


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