Welcome to a Nordic Webinar

Dear Team Member.  
We will start with regular Nordic webinars, and you are welcome to participate. In these webinars we will give you information, training, introductions and presentations regarding topics specific to the Nordic market. The topics will be varied from time to time and will be tailored for you as a Nordic team member. The webinars will be hosted by Espen Frydenberg, Regional Sales Director, but the presentations can also be given by guest speakers bringing their expertise to our group. As we are a region of multiple languages each webinar will be given twice. Wednesdays the webinar will be hosted in Norwegian and Thursdays in English. This way everyone will have the opportunity to participate and will all share the same information. 

Our first webinar will be in week 18. 

Wednesday 5th of May at 8pm (Norwegian time) in Norwegian: https://zoom.us/j/99567210707 
Thursday 6th of May at 8pm (Finnish time) in English: https://zoom.us/j/99365111332 

There is no registration required for our webinars, and all team members are welcome.

Welcome to our webinars! 


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