New Synergy Presentation Tools Available!

Synergy has created new sales tools that you can use to make your business presentations dynamic, simple, and enticing. Grow your business and proudly share Synergy’s products, opportunity and mission with easing using the Synergy First Look Presentation and Presentation Sheet.

Synergy First Look Presentation

Introducing a Synergy presentation that features vibrant images and modern styling, allowing you to effectively tell your Synergy story. As a business builder, you’re constantly spreading the word about Synergy WorldWide, and now you have a comprehensive tool that you can easily present in a one-
on-one or group meeting.


Within this presentation, you will find that only minimal text appears on each slide. Instead, the images guide the presenter, leaving the audience to be more focused on the messages you choose to share vocally. For those presenters who may be nervous using slides that feature only minimal text, don’t worry! An example script has been provided for you to study and utilize. You can download this script as a PDF or find it in the notes of the presentation file. Note that presenters are not expected to memorize or strictly adhere to only the words of the script. The script is simply provided as an example, a guide, and a tool for practice. After all, practice is the key to success with this and any other presentation.

Using these slides, a well-practice presenter will help others discover Synergy’s mission to Leave a Legacy. You will present the company’s commitment to science and the development of the highest quality nutritional supplements. You will introduce Synergy’s elite product line, and give an overview of Synergy’s lucrative Mega-Match Compensation Plan. Why might Synergy WorldWide be just what you’ve been looking for? At the conclusion of the presentation, you will be able to answer this question with confidence.

Synergy Presentation Sheet

Share the benefits of Synergy’s innovative business opportunities with this visual guide and begin a meaningful conversation about how Synergy can change lives. Whether your audience wants to pursue a Synergy business full-time or is just looking to boost an existing income, this sheet will illustrate reasons to easily incorporate Synergy into their current lifestyle at the level that’s right for them.



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