Synergy Lifestyle Transformation: Agnieszka Hercke

If you haven’t seen Agnieszka Hercke in a few years, you wouldn’t recognize her if you saw her today. She looks younger, healthier and happier, and even has some muscle to show off. Most importantly, she feels more like herself.

Agnieszka was introduced to Synergy Worldwide one year ago by her sponsor in Poland. Her participation in SLMsmart Challenges has motivated her to commit to a healthier lifestyle, which includes an improved diet, an exercise regime and the use of products from Synergy Worldwide, including SLMsmart, PhytoLife, ProArgi-9+ and e9. She credits the Synergy Worldwide products with giving her the energy to stay committed to her healthier lifestyle, which she feels has increased her confidence and strength.

Synergy Poland’s first-ever SLMsmart Challenge kicked off in October 2014, right after SLMsmart was launched throughout Europe. With about 15 kg to lose, Agnieszka was determined to change her life. During the first round of the SLMsmart Challenge, Agnieszka wasn’t too keen on hitting the gym. She never liked athletics and tried to achieve her weight goals by changing her diet.

When the second SLMsmart challenge rolled around she didn’t participate, but continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and watched as the weight dropped off a little at a time. When the third challenge began, she was ready to be a fierce competitor and committed to train almost every day, attending boxing, crossfit, spinning, and krav maga classes. Agnieszka never started a workout without taking ProArgi-9+ first.

When Agnieszka won in the third round of the SLMsmart Challenge, she was excited but she said the weight maintenance goals she was able to achieve is the best prize she could have received. Now, she can face the world with her head held high because of her newfound strength and confidence.

“All together, Synergy products helped me sustain a healthier lifestyle that has given me a new life,” Agnieszka said. “When I found Synergy products and committed to a healthier lifestyle I believed they could help me change and now I feel unbelievable. I’m full of positive energy. The most beautiful compliment I received was from my husband, who said, ‘Can I use those products too?’”

Agnieszka said she finally takes pride in her appearance and goes out more often because of it. She loves shopping again and sometimes even raids her daughter’s closet.

 “I’m a living example that Synergy products are a smart addition to any healthy lifestyle,” Agnieszka said. “Many people I’ve met through Synergy tell me I’m a product of the product.”


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