Tips from the Founders: Tell Your Story

Before the Elite Honors earnings model was launched in September 2015, Synergy general managers challenged their top leaders to become Elite Honors Qualified. Dozens rose to the challenge. Those who signed up the correct amounts in customer and distributor CV became Elite Honors Founders and they are now sponsoring Team Members who are also Elite Honors Qualified.

Because the Founders believe Elite Honors is the way to long-term residual income and short-term rewards, they want to share their success tips with you! CLICK HERE to learn more about Elite Honors.

Anna Margrét Bjarnadóttir, a Team Manager from Iceland, was in the tourism and culture industry for her entire career before finding network marketing. Through decades of experience, Anna Margrét became an experienced saleswoman for not only Iceland, but each institution, cause and product she felt strongly about. These experiences make her a brilliant asset to Synergy Iceland’s team.

“My strengths focus on team building,” Anna Margrét said. “I’m passionate about the Synergy business, so it’s easy for me to talk about it and sign someone up that way. The more you believe in it, the easier it will be to tell everyone you know about it.”

When introducing Synergy’s business opportunity, Anna Margrét always shares her own success story with her contact. Few things are more powerful than living proof that the Synergy opportunity is real. She takes the prospective distributor back to her days working in tourism. Even though she was very successful, she only earned a small wage, even with years of experience.

“What fascinated me about network marketing was that there is no discrimination, whereas Icelandic women make almost 20% less than men who work in the same profession at the same level.” Anna Margrét said.

“With Synergy, anyone can be successful. I am passionate about this business because I am a single mom with a daughter to whom I want to give a beautiful life. I lost my health and had to stop working but this proved to be a blessing in disguise, as I found Synergy and saw an opportunity to improve not only my health but others’, too.

Surprisingly, she said signing up Synergy customers, as opposed to distributors, is not her strong point, but she is taking the challenge to build customer volume and strengthen this area, as she recognizes its key role in the Elite Honors earnings model and its importance in growing her business.

“I think it is very valuable to be able to use such a simple system and that we can see our progress right on the Pulse. Others can see themselves being able to do it, too, which helps us to duplicate it”, Anna Margrét said. “Now that we have guidelines each month, we can picture ourselves attaining the goals we have set. If we can picture it, we will do it.”


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