Tips from the Founders: Keep it Simple

Before the Elite Honors earnings model was launched in September 2015, Synergy general managers challenged their top leaders to become Elite Honors Qualified, and dozens rose to the challenge. Those who signed up the correct amount in customer and distributor CV became Elite Honors Founders and they are now sponsoring Team Members who are Elite Honors Qualified.

Because the Founders believe Elite Honors is the way to long-term residual income and short-term rewards, they want to share their success tips with you! CLICK HERE to learn more about Elite Honors.

Glenn Skamsar, an Elite Honors Founder and Team Director from Norway, said since the launch of Elite Honors, he has noticed that those inside and outside of his organization are setting goals with confidence. The three most important aspects of business building are signing up devoted customers, driven distributors and then having these efforts duplicated. This is what Elite Honors teaches. It’s network marketing in its simplest form.

Glenn has found a lot of value in summarizing Synergy’s Compensation Plan and product offering into the simplest terms. He knows what Synergy’s best assets are in both of these offerings and he focuses on these points when talking to prospective customers and distributors. Simplifying this information is important because the person receiving the information needs to be able to understand it well enough to continue sharing it.

“I share Synergy’s business offering in three sentences: You will gain a profit through Elite Rebate on all of the products you purchase and all of the products your customers purchase,” Glenn said. “You will receive a monthly basic commission for building your business by adding new distributors to your organization. All of the basic commissions your distributors received will be matched and paid to you through the Mega-Match element of Synergy’s Compensation Plan.”

While there is a lot of detail that Glenn could go into when talking about the Synergy business, that information can come later. It is not helpful to overload a potential sign-up with too much information. He will often explain Synergy’s Compensation Plan by relating it to a sales manager and his or her salespeople. The sales manager will earn a dollar-for-dollar match of what his salespeople sell, and this encourages him to support his people. Synergy works the same way, except there is no fear of a talented salesperson taking your job and there is rarely envy between Team Members because you get out of the business what you put in.

While each European team presents products from slightly varying angles, Glenn’s team simplifies their message by targeting three areas of health: circulation, immune system and pH balance. When talking about ProArgi-9+ he shows the product’s publication in the Physician’s Desk Reference, which has proved to be a great selling point.

“The simplicity of these messages, along with the simplified business building system Elite Honors teaches, makes for a healthy and growing organization where everyone is working and lives are changed,” Glenn said. 


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