Introducing: Title Plus!

The exciting Title Plus promotion rewards you with extra cash as you achieve and maintain new titles!

Title Plus, the most successful promotion in Synergy North America’s history, is now coming to Europe for 2018. Through this promotion, not only will Team Members earn cash for achieving and maintaining new titles, they will unlock added bonuses as they become Elite Honors qualified.

PROMOTION TIMELINE: January 1–December 31, 2018

Team Members have the potential to earn up to tens of thousands of pounds in Title Plus bonuses! Here’s how:

Achieve a new title. Maintain that title. Qualify for Elite Honors at least once.

The higher the rank achieved, the bigger the bonus!

  • The first month a Team Member hits a new title, he or she will earn the “monthly amount” specified above for that title. For example, a new Bronze would earn €50.
  • If the Team Member maintains the new title the following month, he or she will earn the monthly amount for a second time. For a Bronze, this is an additional €50.
  • If the Team Member maintains the title for three consecutive months, Synergy will pay the monthly amount for the third time. For a Bronze, this would be another €50, which bring the total to €150!
  • If the Team Member is Elite Honors qualified in at least one of those three consecutive months, he or she will earn the Matching Bonus of €150, which doubles total earnings. This would equal €300 total for Bronze so far!
  • Becoming Elite Honors qualified unlocks the potential to earn both the Matching Bonus and “Fourth Month” bonus.
  • If the Team Member maintains the Bronze title for a fourth month, he or she will earn the larger “Fourth Month” bonus of €200.

For achieving the Bronze title, maintaining that title for four months, and becoming Elite Honors qualified at least once in the first three months, a Team Member can earn up to €500 with Title Plus!
And it gets even better:

Team Members who achieve more than one title in any given month will receive the sum of the monthly amount earned for each new title achieved.

When a Team Member hits multiple titles in the same month …

Example: Jennifer rank advances from a Bronze to a Team Leader in March. She receives the €75 Silver bonus, €100 Gold bonus, and €200 Team Leader bonus for a total of €375 in Title Plus bonuses the first month.

She then maintains the Team Leader title in both April and May, earning the monthly €75, €100 and €200 bonuses two more times each. Jennifer became Elite Honors qualified in April, which made her eligible to earn the three Matching Bonuses, one for each level, and the Fourth Month bonus. She then maintained the Team Leader title in June, earning Fourth Month bonuses for the Silver, Gold and Team Leader levels.

Grand Total: €3,750!

When a Team Member hits multiple titles in the same year …

Example: Peter achieved Silver and qualified for Elite Honors in January. He maintained that title in February, March, and April, thereby earning €750, the maximum Title Plus bonus amount at the Silver level.

Two months later, in July, he ranked advanced to the Gold title. He maintains the Gold title in August, September, and October and is Elite Honors qualified every month. He receives the maximum €1000 Title Plus amount for achieving and maintaining the Gold title.

Annual Grand Total: €1750!

  • Advancing to a second new rank will never keep you from earning the second, third, fourth and matching bonuses of a first new rank. It only helps you as your Title Plus bonuses compound.
  • You are paid bonuses for consecutive periods of rank maintenance after achieving a new title. Keep up your good work!

These Title Plus bonuses add significantly to the earning potential of our Team Members. Those who are dedicated to rising in the ranks of Synergy Team Membership will not only enjoy the cash from Title Plus, but also all the other commissions, mega-match bonuses and other earnings that come naturally along with a growing business.

Rank advancing to a new title is a major achievement and a symbol of your Synergy WorldWide success overall. With the Title Plus promotion, we aim to help Team Members feel as appreciated and valued as they truly are. We look forward to giving big rewards to growth at every level through Title Plus!


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