New Year Message from Synergy Vice President, Carmelo D’Anzi

Dear Synergy Europe Team Members,

On behalf of the entire Synergy corporate staff, I would like to thank each and every one of you immensely for an amazing 2017.

The year started strong as many of you effectively shared the message of Elite Health. The excitement continued throughout the year as the new gel products arrived in several markets. Many of you participated in the recent launch of Trulūm at our 2017 Summit, another highlight from last year. Trulūm has already impacted thousands of people around the world with its effectiveness, and I hope you all are enjoying the benefits of the amazing skin care line.

We are pleased to report that our new European headquarters in Barcelona is nearly ready for operation, and soon it will be fully staffed by people dedicated to supporting you.
Along with this support, new promotions and bonuses will soon be introduced to help you grow. The ingredients are in place to make 2018 an amazing year for the members of our Synergy team.

Again, to each of you we give our sincere thanks. I hope to see and celebrate with you soon at our next Synergy event.

Carmelo D’Anzi
Vice President,
Synergy Europe


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