Congratulations New Pearl Executives Susanne and Thorsten Kupske!

"In order to achieve more you have to be more," is a quote that Germany’s new Pearl Executives Susanne and Thorsten Kupske live by.

Susanne and Thorsten operate under the name SK Powermarketing, and powerful they are.
Susanne swore she would never join another network marketing company again, but this was before she met top leader Hakan Cetin. Despite Susanne’s deep skepticism, Hakan’s pitch about Synergy WorldWide intrigued her. 

“When Dan Higginson came to Germany for the first time I realized that Synergy was the missing puzzle piece in my life. I found my home the day I met him,” Susanne said.

Synergy’s groundbreaking products won Susanne and her husband Thorsten over. ProArgi-9+ renewed the couple’s quality of life and they are currently seeing quick results with the newly launched SLMsmart Meal Replacement.

Susanne’s enthusiasm for Synergy products was brimming after taking ProArgi-9+ for a short while, and she ventured out to share the products with others. Over time, Susanne has proved to be an outstanding leader and wakes up each morning with the aspiration to be a better person that day than she was the day before.

The strength that Susanne and Thorsten have help them manage an international team, even at a moment’s notice.

"Stable businesses have satisfied customers, active partners and personal contact,” Susanne said.  “We use modern communication platforms, such as private Facebook groups, teleconferences and webinars.” 

Both Susanne and Thorsten believe that a sound business also requires individuals who make a long-term commitment to the Autoship program. This creates regular cash flow which ensure stability. Find people who will commit to the products, Susanne said, and financial success will follow.

Susanne and Thorsten have benefited from the support of many on their journey to Pearl Executive, including their sponsor Hakan Cetin, their faithful team and everyone at Synergy WorldWide headquarters. 

"We hope those on our team learn to invest in themselves and take responsibility for their lives,” Susanne said. “Take action; don’t complain and wait. Go and do instead of looking for excuses and never, never, never give up!"


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