The Q4 2014 Edition of the Legacy eMagazine is here!

We’ve updated your favorite Synergy Europe publication with a sleek design for easy navigating! This new design is also compatible with your mobile phone and tablet.


Want to know which recipes made the Top 5 in the SLMsmart Recipe Contest? We taste-tested and even created some of these SLMsmart delicacies at Synergy WorldWide Headquarters! It was a delicious day. Thank you to everyone who go innovative in their kitchens and sent in their best recipes.

Read about the phenomenal Team Members who amplified their businesses following Summit 2014 in Barcelona, achieving Team Director, Pearl Executive and even Diamond Executive. Amazing!

Get an update from President Dan Norman on how the company has been fairing since Summit product launches. The success has blown all of us away.

Want to look at previous Legacy eMag issues? Simply scroll to the bottom of the eMag home page and click on the drop-down menu in the middle of the screen.

Happy reading!


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