Product testing labs and clinic are nearing completion!

It’s no secret that it’s an amazing time to be a part of Synergy WorldWide. 

We are constantly working to improve our products and their manufacturing. Now, we’re adding another crucial step to the manufacturing and distribution processes – clinical testing.

In 2015, Synergy WorldWide and Nature’s Sunshine will begin benefitting from the newly constructed chemistry and molecular biology research labs and a new clinic, both located in Lehi, Utah.

“Our clinic will be critical because we’ll be able to demonstrate and prove that our products work in human beings,” said Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer for Nature’s Sunshine and Synergy WorldWide.

We are eagerly awaiting the grand opening of these facilities, but until then, you can learn more about Dr. Tripp’s master future plans for product testing by watching this video:


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