Less than two week left to qualify for SLMsmart Activation Bonuses and the SLM 10 Club!

Dozens of Team Members are just a few activations away from joining the club. There is still time to make it happen! We are so impressed by our current SLM 10 Club qualifiers. Congratulations to each of you!

SLM 10 Club qualifiers will be invited to attend a special SLM 10 Club dinner following their country’s Kickoff event. They will also receive a SLM 10 Club pin and a €150 bonus!

Congratulations to all of our SLM 10 Club qualifiers!

• Sally MacLeod (United Kingdom)
• Vegard and Randi Skjørstad (Norway)
• Lena Ljungdahl (Sweden)
• Helena Hemming (Finland)
• Giuseppe Lucio (Italy)
• Unni and Carl Warpe (Spain)
• Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess (Austria)
• Cristina Cabañero & Luis Quesada (Spain)
• Michele Guardascione (Italy)

You have the potential to become a member of the SLM 10 Club too by simply activating 10 or more new customers or Team Members on SLMsmart Activation Packs. You have until December 31 to submit your SLMsmart Activations using the form below.

SLMsmart Activation Challenge Form
SLM 10 Club Form

Don’t remember all the details of the SLMsmart promotions? Click here!



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