Congratulations New Pearl Executives Elfriede and Karl Tappauf!

On their path to Pearl Executive, Elfriede and Karl Tappauf of Austria have made it their personal mission to make the life of every individual they come in contact with more enjoyable and gratifying. 

Through the unique opportunity to change a person’s life through not only the products, but the business model, Elfriede and Karl have opened the eyes of many Synergy Team Members to lasting happiness through health and security.

They build their team and share Synergy products by finding five new “Synergy friends,” as Elfriede calls them. Once this is accomplished, she sets out to meet the friends of her “Synergy friends.” This greatly increases her business and social circles.

This couple knows how to serve their team and functions on the same principles that any reputable Customer Service department would, which is what Elfriede calls “high-intensity support.”

Elfriede and Karl said they owe a big thank you to their sponsor Alois Spicak who gave them an opportunity their family of six could never have imagined.

As a mother, Elfriede felt like many other mothers may feel about finding work that’s flexible.

“I need to have my family and my profession under one roof,” Elfriede said. “I needed work that allowed me to make my own schedule, my own hours and gave me a perspective on the bigger picture beyond the career itself. Synergy fills all of these employment requirements I set for myself.”

Elfriede and Karl have used inspiration from strong leaders to push them toward the Pearl Executive title. People like Double Presidentials Dianne Leavitt and Mark Comer, Emerald Executive Bart Woodcook and General Manager Erich Dengg are Elfriede’s role models. They have supported, motivated and mentored her through all of the ups and downs.

“During the course of our time with Synergy, we’ve developed large teams composed of strong leaders,” Elfriede said. “Many thanks to our teams for their unshakable faith and passion for Synergy WorldWide. I love this company.”


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