Announcing the Spring 2016 Legacy eMagazine!

The spring 2016 Legacy eMagazine is here with more exciting information than ever before. Catch up on all of Synergy’s new developments in 2016 and learn a few new things to help your business. In this issue, you’ll read a list of exciting new things:

  1. THREE NEW V3 SYSTEM INFOGRAPHICS! Add these to your bag of marketing tools
  2. A video message to Team Members from Synergy President Dan Norman
  3. Vice President Carmelo D’Anzi experience at the grand opening of Synergy Europe Headquarters
  4. Advice on how to craft your elevator pitch
  5. New executive Team Member spotlights from around the world!

All of this and much more can be found inside!

Missed an issue? No problem! Click on the “View Past Issues” button at the bottom of the page to see all of Synergy’s past eMagazines!

Be sure to watch for the next edition of the Legacy eMag coming out this fall after the Vienna Summit!


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