New Team Elites: Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi

Anna-Maija and Hannu have been entrepreneurs all their lives. As Finland’s newest Team Elites, they’ve proven that they can balance a busy home life and a profitable business. Anna-Maija has nearly three decades of experience in network marketing while Hannu joined later in the game when he realized how effective Synergy products really were. Together, they make a fantastic team that is respected and admired throughout Finland and Europe.

Anna-Maija and Hannu are thrilled to reach the Team Elite title, but say this achievement is just a stepping stone on their path to bigger dreams. In addition to their new pin title, Anna-Maija and Hannu earned the Go Elite 10 bonus for the first time in April, an achievement only a handful of Europeans have accomplished. Thanks to supportive and competitive friends within Synergy, and a special team building promotion in Scandinavia, the Kreivi’s were motivated to work especially hard in April, which resulted in their new title.

“It is through small streams of motivation that we generate great power,” Anna-Maija said.

The couple is proud of the professionalism that exists within their team and of the individual Team Members for their daily efforts to move the business forward. This professionalism didn’t just come about on its own, though. Anna-Maija and Hannu host numerous training meetings and information sessions every month to help their team with personal development. They believe that Team Members who are not continually engaged in self-development will have a more difficult time finding success with Synergy.

“A leader must always be ready to help,” Anna-Maija said. “A good leader must rely on Team Members and their ability to learn and grow. A good leader helps Team Members on an individual level to identify their development needs. It is important to make sure everyone finds success, because it is through success that we find motivation.”

Looking forward to their team’s future growth, Anna-Maija and Hannu plan to continue inspiring people to invest their time in Synergy’s vision and to develop strong, independent Synergy leaders. This, they believe, is what will bring financial independence and health to many.

“Because of Synergy, I have my health back,” Anna-Maija said. “I feel that my whole life has changed for the better, because the dreams we had in the past are happening. Synergy is a gift for which I am truly grateful. Health and prosperity can be found through Synergy for anyone who wants to receive it.”


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