New General Manager for Germany, Austria, and Slovenia!

We are eager to introduce the newest addition to Synergy Europe’s management team—Nader Poordeljoo!

Nader was introduced to network marketing 15 years ago and been involved in the industry ever since.

Nader was born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 13. After finishing his schooling in the Netherlands, Nader moved to Germany in 2001 and still lives there today. He speaks Farsi, Dutch, German, and English.

Upon moving to Germany, Nader began working for ERGO Group, a global insurance company, and shortly after discovered network marketing. Nader built businesses with a few network marketing companies, including ACN, until he landed a record deal. His music career took off and a number of his songs were chart-toppers.

After a rewarding stretch in the music industry, Nader returned to the business world and became the sales manager for a company in the construction industry that entrusted him with managing new business in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. He was then hired as head of sales for a German telecommunications company, and most recently, found himself in a sales position on the corporate side of network marketing.

ViSalus hired Nader in 2014 as a sales manager to facilitate the opening of its Germany and Austria markets. It was during this time that Nader met and worked closely with Vice President of Europe Carmelo D’Anzi. Nader was responsible for market development, marketing and sales support, and event management.

Between Nader’s successful experiences in the field, in direct selling corporate management, and his passion for entrepreneurism, Nader is the perfect fit for this position.

Nader has seamlessly become a part of the Synergy family and we are eager to watch the future of Germany, Austria, and Slovenia unfold under his leadership.


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