Soon after earning his high school diploma in 2014, Stefan Dörfler of Austria was introduced to network marketing. The more he learned about the business model, the more fascinated he became. He realized his potential in network marketing was limitless and loved the idea that he could build a business with his friends. He is one of the youngest Team Directors in Synergy Europe.

He was first introduced to Synergy WorldWide in a presentation that focused on the company’s commitment to quality. At the time, he did not know he was learning about a network marketing company, but was impressed by the Team Members’ collective interest in improving worldwide health before earning commissions, which is the way he thinks it should be.

While Stefan wasn’t sure what level of success network marketing would bring him initially, he has exceeded his own expectations and realizes that he can achieve great things through Synergy. Stefan has always found it important to help those in his community, including his family, friends, and acquaintances, and because he does this every day through Synergy’s products and business opportunity, he has many proud achievements.

Since discovering network marketing, Stefan finished training as a “Mentaltrainer” and knows that this training helps him manage his Synergy business every day. He loves that his Synergy business allows him to take some time off without his finances suffering. He is proud to be a Team Director with Synergy WorldWide and he said it by no means the highest rank he will achieve.

“I know of no other industry in which one is so honored for his performance,” Stefan said. “It’s nice to know that none of the work I do is in vain.”

Stefan hopes to show his peers that it’s possible to be young and be a role model. He believes age is simply a number that should not dictate a person’s path. Instead, people must remember they are the creators of their destinies, no matter what stage of life they are in.


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