Severe health problems are common in Mirva’s family, which is why maintaining her own health is vitally important. Before growing older herself, she wanted to help her family’s health crises and in the process became interested in Synergy products in November 2011. She was quickly amazed by the products’ impact on her family’s health.

Mirva lives in Finland and is a nurse in addition to an entrepreneur. Because of her profession, Mirva knows an exceptional supplement when she sees one and stands behind Synergy products 100%.

“Reaching the Team Director level is a sign that more and more people are having good experiences with Synergy products and they are using the product more,” Mirva said.

Every year, Mirva leaves her legacy by giving back to various organizations, including a local children’s hospital in Finlan. As her Synergy business continues to grow, Mirva plans to increase her donations.

Synergy is a source of Mirva’s pride, she said, because there is nothing better than hearing the difference Synergy products have made in happy customers’ and distributors’ lives. She is looking forward to what the future holds for her and her team and knows that Synergy WorldWide has paved the way to optimal health.


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