Champion boxer Malin Hermansson has been putting every ounce of focus into her training since her parents gave her a punching bag at 14 years old. 

“Boxing is an incredibly intense sport and it suited me perfectly,” she said. “I needed an outlet for all of my energy, and that is what boxing did for me.”

 She hung the bag on her front porch where she would jump around and hit it. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the sport. Her love of boxing strengthened from then on. Raised in Fagersta, Sweden, Malin didn’t waste any time in beginning her training.

“There are two important pieces to the puzzle for training,” she said. “Having the right people with you, and taking proper care of your body.”

Since making Synergy products a staple in her training regimen, Malin has even higher hopes for her athletic future and looks forward to what she will achieve using these products. Malin believes in Synergy products because they give her the “necessary push to take [her] martial arts boxing career to the next level.”

“Early on, I started going to an old abandoned school near my hometown for training,” she says. “The facility had a real underground feeling to it, the room was cold very old, but the team I worked with were fantastic… we spent a lot of time in that place.”

After continuing her trainings for some time, Malin had her first string of matches, and a few years later ended up in Karlstad where she joined the boxing club BK 1925. There she won three silvers and a gold, all in different weight classes. And her impressive qualifications don’t stop there. She has this impressive list of accolades to prove her talent:

  1. Falken Cup, Silver, 2009
  2. Mellansvenska mästerskapen, Silver, 2011
  3. Falken Cup, Gold, 2011
  4. Swedish Championship, Silver, 64 kg, 2012
  5. Swedish Championship, Silver, 54 kg, 2013
  6. Falken Cup, Gold, 2013
  7. Mellansvenska mästerskapen, Silver, 2013
  8. Golden Girl, Silver, 2014
  9. Swedish Championship, Silver, 60 kg, 2014
  10. Swedish Championship, Gold, 57 kg, 2015
  11. Nordic Championship, Bronze, 2015

Malin recently started training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) after she moved to Örebro and it is quickly becoming a new love for her. She currently represents Örebro Boxing Club and is involved in comprehensive training both in and out of the ring. Malin has big plans for herself and we look forward to supporting her to greatness!


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