Vienna Summit Price Increases April 1!

Beginning April 1, early bird registration will begin at €99.

This event will be a game changer for Synergy WorldWide. Summit 2016 will propel Synergy into an exciting, prosperous future with so much to look forward to. We can’t wait to have the entire Synergy Europe family together in Vienna to learn and look forward.


Three-time Elite Honors qualifiers can take advantage of a €59 discounted ticket from March 28 to August 31.

Upon qualifying for Elite Honors a third time, the qualifier will be emailed a discount code to enter during registration. Those who are already three-time qualifiers have been emailed this discount code. Three-time qualifiers who have already registered will be reimbursed the difference if they paid more than €59 for registration.

Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

Let’s make this the biggest event in Synergy Europe history!


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