Why Meal Replacements?

You’re busy. So busy, in fact, that you hardly have time to grab lunch between errands, meetings, and other obligations. Restaurants and grocery stores are bursting at the seams with unhealthy food. And when you’re in a bind, grabbing the overly processed on-the-go lunch seems to be the only option that fits your schedule.

Thanks to meal replacements like Synergy’s SLMsmart Health Shake, people are finding a way around this debacle. Meal Replacements aren’t consumed solely for weight management anymore, they are viewed as a no-hassle meal that supplies complete nutrition. In addition, adding protein and meal replacement powders to other foods is growing in popularity.

For these reasons, meal replacement sales continue to grow as lives become increasingly busy. In fact, by the year 2020, this segment of the industry is expected to rake in a whopping $9 billion in sales. Take a look at these encouraging stats from 2015:

  1. $7 billion – Amount spent on meal replacements
  2. $3 billion – Meal replacement sales in North America
  3. $2 billion – Meal replacement sales in Asia
  4. $1 billion – Meal replacement sales in Europe

The most growth for these products has occurred in newly emerged Asia and Europe markets and the outlook for future growth shows promise. With sales for these markets continuing to climb, it shows that consumers are yearning for products that will optimize their nutritional needs and help achieve their health goals while simultaneously freeing up time for their busy schedules.

Today, consumers are more concerned about the types of supplements and products they are consuming than they ever have been before. For this reason, SLMsmart Meal Replacement is the perfect solution for the health conscious, the protein-seekers, the busy bodies, the dieters, and more.


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