How to Earn Go Elite 10

Presenting the Synergy business through the Elite Honors model simplifies the shared message into three easy-to-follow steps, and Slovenia Team Directors Bostjan Pilej and Irena Kladivar have maximized this model’s possibilities with the Go Elite bonus. Recently, the Go Elite bonus was extended through August 31, giving Bostjan and Irena time to earn a fourth, fifth, and sixth bonus.

So far, they’ve earned three Go Elite 10 bonuses in November, December and January, totaling €3,600, which means that they not only became Elite Honors qualified each of the three months, they sponsored ten individuals who were Elite Honors qualified during those same months. This feat requires consistency along with incredible leadership and organization skills. Naturally, we want to know how Bostjan and Irena did it! Here’s what they focus on to succeed:


Vibrant, fresh, healthy, and full of life, is how Bostjan and Irena want to portray Synergy to the world. They do not want to come across as the company that aids poor health. Instead, they market Synergy as the company that can help any individual maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Bostjan and Irena create this image through fun, upbeat events, positive stories, and always exuding passion for the business. With Synergy’s pure and potent products, Bostjan and Irena are looking to help the people who want the best for their bodies, but are overworked, stressed or too distracted to address their health. This messaging attracts the proactive distributor they want to join their team. These engaged individuals are the ones that are ready to work and duplicate the Elite Honors model.


Elite Honors is a simple earnings model, therefore, it makes for a straightforward presentation. When a new distributor joins Bostjan and Irena’s team, the Elite Honors model is one of the first things taught. It is Synergy’s business building system, and is the best way to maximize earning potential. Bostjan and Irena preface explaining Elite Honors qualifications by talking about why the model works. Achieving attainable CV goals every month will produce steady growth. If these same CV goals are duplicated by those the distributor sponsors, the earning potential increases. The more distributors duplicate Elite Honors requirements, the higher the rewards.

By doing a few simple calculations, Bostjan and Irena have discovered how to use Elite Honors to help Team Members achieve the dollar amount in supplemental income they want to achieve. If a Team Member wants an extra $500 in supplemental income through Synergy, there are a number of avenues one can take to earn that amount. However, Bostjan and Irena explain earning potential through Elite Honors monthly CV requirements. They also explain that because Elite Honors requires monthly customer volume, there becomes an increasingly larger pool of potential distributors from that group.

Bostjan and Irena’s team expects to join a Monday evening call and Wednesday evening webinar every week without fail. When the couple is traveling, they will set up a laptop wherever they are to host the call because the reliability of the call is critical to the culture and community of their team. They also host a training meeting every month without fail and stress to their partners the importance of attending trainings from the moment they enroll as a distributor. Establishing structure, and sticking to that structure no matter what, has made a difference in their team’s overall level of commitment. Elite Honors is a main training and talking point in almost every call, webinar, and training. The couple said they are creating an “Elite Honors culture.” In fact, Bostjan began teaching his team to achieve small goals in a pattern similar to Elite Honors before the model was even launched. The repetition of concepts taught in all of Bostjan and Irena’s trainings have made each distributor on their team a Synergy expert, improving their ability to present the company confidently and professionally.


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