Pique my Interest Challenge

You’re chatting with the cashier as he rings up your items and you realize he could really benefit from Synergy’s products and business opportunities. You have about 30 seconds to tell him about Synergy WorldWide because a line of anxious shoppers are standing behind you. You must decide what to say to pique his interest without telling him everything. What do you say before you leave him with your business card?

We want you to give us your best Synergy business pitch! The Top 5 best pitches will be published in the Spring 2016 Legacy eMagazine!


1. Write your Synergy business pitch down in 100 words or less. Pitches that exceed 100 words will be disqualified.

Tips: Explore the Synergy WorldWide corporate website and blog for inspiration. Consider Synergy’s mission, products, and business opportunity. You decide whether you want to focus on one or multiple topics during your pitch. 

2. Write your pitch as if you’re speaking to someone else.
3. Keep it compliant. This means avoid making unapproved health claims.
4. Send your final pitch to marketing@synergyworldwide.com before midnight on Friday, April 8. Include your name and Synergy ID# in your submission. You may submit your pitch in a Word document or in the body of your email.

We know there are plenty of Synergy pitch experts out there and we want you to amaze us with your salesmanship. If you haven’t established your Synergy pitch, this is the perfect opportunity to start brainstorming! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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